Service and professional advice is what you will encounter when you deal/consult with James A. Schmuckal, Realtor, whether you want your property sold, or whether you are looking for a special commercial property, who is a Specialist in commercial and industrial and development properties. James is a native of Traverse City area, with over 35 years real estate experience, Michigan State Graduate, Secondary Education degree, this background supports Jim's ability to always present the best academic presentation to his clients.  
Read several of my recommendations. 
 These are professional and business clients with whom I'm worked with in the recent past.
"Jim Schmuckal is one of the most thorough and up-front realtors that anyone could hope to work with. He researches all aspects of a piece of property and can think outside the box to come up with solutions for development of all kinds. His knowledge and experience make him a valuable member of your team."

- Christy Andersen, Professional Surveyor, Andersen and Crain, Inc., Surveying, Engineering, and Design
 "I've done business buying, selling and leasing commercial and residential properties in the Traverse City area with Jim for well over 25 years. Jim is well educated and one of the few real estate sales people I know I can depend on to get me the answers I need. I know with his connections and longevity in the business and area he'll take care of what I need"

-Tim Rice, Business Owner, Real Estate Investor
"Jim is.....
Goes above and beyond
More knowledge of Traverse City Real Estate than anyone around
Understands transactions and how to get deals done
Great at bringing buyer and sellers together
Finds solutions and overcomes obstacles
Always available
Hardest working guy in the TC real estate business I know."

- John Kolarevic, Business Owner/Real Estate Developer
"Jim has handed my Real Estate sales and purchases for over 25 years. He analyses property well, brings all the pertinent facts to the table, and check out any dubious parts of a deal so there are no murky waters."

- Dave Prevo, Business Owner/Real Estate Devloper
"Jim Schuckmal is the commercial/industrial real estate specialist. He communicates with the local goverment bodies to understand their zoning regulations and ordinances so he can find the perfect fit for his customers. Jim will go the extra mile to prepare a sketch of how a clients development will fit on a potential piece of property"

-Gary Holcombe, P.E.
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